Thursday, March 24, 2011

Save the Arts in The Uk

The Campaign to save the arts industry from severe tax hikes of up to 30% has a new video by David Shirgley... Seen from my crafts class, I enjoyed this so much.

So fantastic...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tan or Ayran

Taken from Wikipedia:

Ayran or dhalla is a yoghurt-based, salty drink popular in AlbaniaBulgariaTurkeyAzerbaijanIranPakistan, the Republic of MacedoniaKazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is made by mixing yoghurt with water and (sometimes) salt. The same drink is known as doogh in Irantan in Armenialaban ayran in Syria and Lebanonshenina in Iraq and Jordanlaban arbil inIraqmajjiga (Telugu), majjige (Kannada), and moru (Tamil and Malayalam) in South Indialassi in Punjab and all over Pakistan. A similar drink, doogh, is popular in the Middle East between Lebanon, Iran and Afghanistan; it differs from ayran by the addition of herbs, usually mint, and is sometimes carbonated, commonly with carbonated water.

... carbonated. ok there's things even I won't try.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Growing up in Montreal

I've been interested with architecture for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was young I looked at how buildings worked, and I wondered why a McDonalds looked the same, no matter where in the city it was. I lived in a tall building in St. Laurent, and since school was nearby and all the students lived nearby, there was no reason to travel outside the city and explore back then. All I knew was that I lived in a nice big concrete building. It was strong and I felt safe... I remember our balcony and the fact there were openings on both side large enough to dangle my foot out of. It sacred me when i peaked out and looked at the ground from the 11th floor... I liked the height because it amde me feel powerful. It was fun being able to see so far away! I was close to a highway too, and I could look out my window and watch the cars pass by on their daily commute to and from work. There was the footsteps of the people above us. Being in the city made me feel like I was never alone.

As I grew up and the brother came along, we moved to a suburban house, and I stayed there for many years. I'd go downtown very rarely maybe a handful of times during my teenage years. I ws always impressed by the architecture. It looked so old, and I never realized how old it was until I started my life in art history, and I could see in a photograph the montreal that was. I don't think people are as impressed and awe struck as I am when i see a picture from the late 19th century, or the mid 20's for example, and people are walking around in suits and house carriages and such, and the only thing I could recognize, the only thing I could see that would prove to me that the location of this photograph is really in that part of the city was the building in the background. It looks the same today, the road leads up to it, just like it used to! I can even read the painted ad on the wall, which is worn or partially blocked today. I think every time I go downtown (and that's essentially every day, I go to school downtown now) that i had some way to go back to that time, when the photograph was taken. I'd do anything to see the tramways pass, to see the men in their suits and the women in dresses, and to see everything in colour, with my own eyes. I'd love to experience it, instead of just seeing a black and white picture. don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's here, to show me what was... as proof that this time was real. I just feel like it's teasing me... it gives me a taste, but doesn't let me in more then that.

I found this movie on the National Film Board Website titled The Memories of Angels. It's not the first one I've posted focusing on Montreal and this wasn't even what I was originally planning on putting up ( an interview with Jean Drapeau about his plans to build a highway infrastructure way back in '55.) It's a cutup of different scenes, put together by Luc Bourdon, from the many movies the NFB did over the 50's and 60's focusing on Montreal. Apparently I'm not the only one who imagines how the city used to be (or perhaps he's just reliving his childhood?), but seeing montreal moving like that made me happy.

I haven't had the chance to watch the entire thing, I scrolled through certain screens, but the last 15 minutes were saddening to me, especially the part where they tear down buildings. I've always found that each building we tear down today, robs our children of a piece of Montreal's beauty. I might be afraid of change but I don't find Postmodernist architecture all that beautiful on the most part (the Concordia buildings are in fact quite nice; the art history auditorium is actually a really nice place, apart from all the stains on the seats.) Realistically, if we want the city to grow, there's two ways; expand upward, or outward. If we expand outward, we contribute to urban sprawl... it takes us longer to get to work, clogs up our infrastructure and is bad for the environment. If we go upwards, well, we can't save as many buildings as we'd like. The truth is Montreal is kind of a low city, at least towards its center, and we'd have to demolish old buildings to create the high rises we'd need to have to avoid urban sprawl. Either way the answer is not easy, and most likely a combination of both will have to be done. So Enjoy the movie and I guess we'll see where Montreal will be in the future

The Memories of Angels by Luc Bourdon

Laptop Abuse

Everyone who knows me and my laptop think that my relationship with it is hunky dorry right? Well, lately I think the stress of school is getting to me. A some of you may know, I have my laptop tell me the time at every hour. it's a mans voice that goes *it's 6 o'clock* very calmly and it's great when I'm doing work or I'm getting ready to go somewhere. But when I'm procrastinating, it gets scary. it goes a little something like...

- It's 11 o'clock
... and thats usually followed by crying at the fact another day's gone by with nothing to show for it ....

The start of a mental disorder? simply stress... or both.
(that having been said, I'd never take the voice off... and I'm not sure I remember how I turned the feature on in the first place... maybe I enjoy the abuse)

Van Gogh on Webcam

If only they would've saved their recordings...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kia Commercial Song

Usually when I'm on the computer I have the tv on for the noise. Commercials only interest me when they have something funny going on (like the Old Spice commercial! and not like the yogurt commercials!) Anyway, one that actually stops me everytime is the Kia 2011 sportage commercial, part of their "share the road" campaign. The commercial itself isn't what impressed me.. but it was the song they played. After some searching, I found it! it's called start now by Marco Solo featuring Crow's Nest. It's a lot of fun and the band has a page on facebook

I haven't been this excited about a commercial song since Shiny Toy Gun's adaptation of Major Tom for the lincoln commercials

I want a rocket ship.... without ending up like Major Tom