Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tan or Ayran

Taken from Wikipedia:

Ayran or dhalla is a yoghurt-based, salty drink popular in AlbaniaBulgariaTurkeyAzerbaijanIranPakistan, the Republic of MacedoniaKazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is made by mixing yoghurt with water and (sometimes) salt. The same drink is known as doogh in Irantan in Armenialaban ayran in Syria and Lebanonshenina in Iraq and Jordanlaban arbil inIraqmajjiga (Telugu), majjige (Kannada), and moru (Tamil and Malayalam) in South Indialassi in Punjab and all over Pakistan. A similar drink, doogh, is popular in the Middle East between Lebanon, Iran and Afghanistan; it differs from ayran by the addition of herbs, usually mint, and is sometimes carbonated, commonly with carbonated water.

... carbonated. ok there's things even I won't try.


  1. Ch'yem sirum Tan!!!! And I wouldn't like to taste it carbonated!!

  2. Do you have any recipes with that yogurt/milk/buccal torture ;)

    Jean Marc