Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My poor blog...

Allright So i've totally ignored the blog and I'm terribly sorry. I've had a ton of homework and its probably going to be this way until spring break two weeks from now... I know it's not march so its not march break... its not technically spring either... break break?
Anyway, so I should be posting a few things up really soon. For now, I have a few things that I've wanted to post for a while now and haven't had the chance, starting with...

This is the kind of game that you can spend a few minutes on and you don't need to wait until you download or install it... it just plays. This one is from website Addicting Games and is about creating your own oil company after ww2. It's great because it makes you think about the role of oil in today's economy, as well as a worst-case scenario of what could happen if we don't change our way. Just a heads up from someone who has spent WAY too much time playing this thing there are in fact multiple endings, gauging from ww3 to the fall of your company... Enjoy!

The Crucial Man: Art Appreciation
Taken from College another website I spend way too much time on... It's an interview by the curator of The New Museum on how an average joe can appreciate art

Then and Now in Montreal
When I have a few moments to myself, I like to look up old photogrpahs of the streets of montreal from the Mccord Museum. Thousands of photographs are ready to be searched and with the help of google street view, you can get an idea of how the city looks today. I learned about the archive while creating a project with friends on the Victoria Bridge and I've enjoyed the resource ever since.

As for the images... I really do love this city. I never cease to be amazed at the fact that the same building I pass by everyday is in a photograph of people in horse drawn carriages, tramways and men in top hats! It's the most awe-inspiring thing. You can stand in  the same position as the photographer had when he took the picture over 100 years ago and the building hasen't changed. It's builders died, its tenants changed, and the passer's by too. Even the street and it's surroundings did. That building (or buildings) remained the only constant throughout Montreal's history. So when I don't have the time to post a full blog or when I feel like adding an extra piece here and there, I'll try to find an old historical photograph, and I'll relate it to today... I hope you enjoy! (click on it for a closeup)

Corner St. Catherine and Stanley Streets, looking east, Montreal, QC, 1915

Once you're done enjoying it, and focusing on the details, check out how it looks today!

(note: The image seen here is copyright Mccord Museum)

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  1. Je vois tres bien ce que c etait avant le google street view marche bien sur mon ordi!!
    vraiment cool tu devrais nous montrer des trucs comme ca tout le temps!!