Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eaton's 9th Floor

For those of you that don't know what the 9th floor is, it's an old art deco style restaurant that was built when the Eaton's Center was built in Montreal in the 30's. It's modelled after the restaurant of a cruise ship and was a popular spot for the people who went shopping in the giant mall. Since Eaton's demise, and the take over of the Eaton's Center by Les Ailes de la Mode... (the original Eaton's part of the shopping centre is now Complexe Les ailes, a mall with 60 stores and a ton of offices) The restaurant has been closed off to visitors and a good 6 floors were converted to offices.

The Inside of The Restaurant
Well a few years back, people who have a website up with pictures they took while exploring Montreal's abandoned, unoccupied or ignored buildings and locations tried to gain access to the interior of the restaurant and document it. The group (called Urban Exploration Montreal) failed to gain access inside the place itself, but took some great pictures of it's lobby, surroundings and the converting process from old 'The Bay' style shopping building to boring white offices. To view a small summary of the 9th and 10th floors of the building, as well as the photographs and videos (although they didn't work for me,) check out the link here.

Interested in some of the abandoned buildings in Montreal? Explore UEM's website and also check this one out! Unlike UEM's website which seems to have had it's last update in 2009, Abandoned Montreal seems to still be updating. The comments made about a sign in an old pumping station made me laugh...

Enjoy :)


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