Friday, February 25, 2011

Steve Page at The Olympia!

Last Wednesday, I went to a concert with a friend to see the GooGoo Dolls. It had been years since I've heard of them, but she was excited to see them, and I thought it would be a great chance to catch up. So I said what the hey and went. Little did I know that the opening act would be the one I would be more excited for!

I have to admit as a sidenote, that the theatre itself was a lot of fun to be in. I just love the old theatres and I think we're lucky to have so many in Montreal that still exist. Although I feel bad that the metropolis gets its ass kicked every time there's a mosh going on during a concert (although I seriously doubt that was the original intent of the builders, it has stood up well..), I do think it's kind of a good fit to have concerts there. I mean, it's either that, a dollar for a movie theatre... or a porno movie theatre. it's.... the best of the three. (also, I need the light fixtures inside the Olympia. they are huge and red and metal.. and they look like they came out of some carnival and they rock :) .... they have 4 and it lights up the whole theatre! really powerful)

Anyway, so I was incredibly surprised to see Steve Page as the opening act. At first I though the barenaked Ladies we're playing but I soon remembered that they had broken up. Nevertheless, he played a lot of their old songs! I was incredibly happy since I grew up with them :) The newer songs were mixed into the performance, and they were pretty good too but not as much as the older ones I found. The GooGoo Dolls were pretty fun too, and my friend enjoyed them a lot, so it helped. It was the first time I haven't been in the mosh in the front, I was sitting down towards the back but honestly, that was fine since there wasn't a lot of moshing going on anyway. Overall it was a fun night!

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