Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stupid Goldeneye...

I've been doing great for the last, like 4 months not getting distracted by video games, but this game is just too addicting! It's the new Goldeneye 007 game on the Wii. On top of finally being a reason why  should turn on the machine, the game is great and challenging, and it looks good too. It's a remake of Goldeneye on the n64... I game I personally loved growing up and has been a very popular game for anyone that enjoys first person shooters! Here are some videos comparing the two.. Can you spot the differences the video game industry has come up with in 14 years? (the original came out in 1997)

This is the video for the new came, which came out in late 2010 (I find it kickass... except the singers yelling at the end of the sequence.. it kinda gets to me)
This is the Intro of the game which came out in 1997

If you've played the game or seen the movie... I want that satellite :) Birthday's in May.. just sayin'


  1. Hi Chris, Can I come to your house and play?

  2. YES!!!!! ID FREAKIN LOVE THAT! maybe on a sunday! You tell me when and well play!