Sunday, December 26, 2010

Production Music!

You know the kind of music that is, although you probably don't realize it. Fact is, a lot of the shows we watch, games we play and commercials we see get their music from the same: A production music library. Since using songs from known artists would cost too much for the company, a song from an anonymous source, made for a company is a lot more cost effective. Why do you care? Well, the songs themselves can sometimes grow to be known and loved tracks, like Hockey Night in Canada for example. Ever since I got the musical score for the Ren and Stimpy cartoon, I payed more attention to background music. While not all the musical tracks were meant to be used as background music originally, they were used that way at some point. You might recognize some of them, but the real point is to enjoy the emotions you're supposed to feel while listening to them, and creating your own narrative.

Spooky Scherzo - Sam Fonteyn

This song will be my theme song when I build the death star and I'm taking over the world. I'll be wearing a tux sporting a cane with the most obnoxiously large diamond the world has ever seen! My stormtroopers will choreographically dance through the halls while I pass by them and I'll sit on a chair with a back as high as the wall behind it

L'Esprit de Paris - John Leach

As stereotypical as this sounds, this is my idea of France. Baguettes, bicycles, and cigarettes on long plastic sticks like Cruela de Ville's. All kidding aside though, I sincerely love this song... a little short but it makes me want to have a great night out dancing with a loved one

Heavy Action - Johnny Pearson

Who doesn't know this song! Even if I don't watch American Football (it's the theme song from monday Night Football), I can definitely appreciate it. This is like the theme song of some crime fighter show in the 80's where the cast-members take turns realizing they're being watched, and react by smiling big and posing. This will be the song I'll play in the morning getting ready... now I just need to cut down my getting ready time to exactly 1:34...

Laughter - Jurgen Schlachter

A song from an episode Spongebob Squarepants. (it's the tickle belt! I figured out where it's from) I can't help but start laughing when I hear this.... until I listen to it for more then 30 seconds... then it starts getting a little scary... This is the song I listen to while playing first person shooters.... is that weird?

Stadium Rave A - Mark Governor

EXERCISE MUSIC! From Clone high and Spongebob (aparently there's an episode where spongebob gets accosted by a school of jellyfish with a boombox blaring this song.........imagination.) This song also reminds me of old video game music from the mid 90's, not really mario and the like, but strategy games like Command and Conquer mostly (especially the cheer in the background!) I'm buying a turqouise headband and short shorts while I enjoy this song.

Bubba dub Bossa - Robby Poitevin

This jazzy number is a song that I heard from one of the "real" (as in when there's a real life actor) scenes of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. This one and the next one, both from the show are really some of my favourites. They sound just purely carefree: next time I study and I need a break, I'll listen to this song and imagine myself on a beach in Cuba.

La Mia Mania - Gianni Morandi

I like this song even more then the last one! This one is so fun, and I think i want to learn how to play a trombone JUST to play this song!... the second song played during a real life montage for the Harvey Birdman show... this one is playing at my wedding... even if the girl's name isn't Maria.

Mystery Song #3 - Muzak

With a title like that, how can you not fall in love? This is Muzak, a company who was famous for inventing the elevator music. I learned of the company on Steven Colbert a year or two ago, when he mentioned that the company went bankrupt. It's crazy that something that was everywhere in the past got replaced by just playing radio (soft rock...bleugh) instead of these songs.... Reminds me very much of my childhood trying on crappy clothes at Eatons...

Macchina Typographica - Luigi Russolo

Now this last one isn't production music really. I came upon this song while researching the history of electronic music ( a lot of the songs are made with synthesizers and I was wondering about their history) A futurist song by Luigi Russolo (who in fact made a manifesto regarding futurist music too), this piece is more then just a song, it's an experience. Very much in the same that...let's say... a psychopath decends into a general state of crazy!



  1. very cool! this reminded me of this:

    hehe enjoy!

  2. oh wow! I've never heard that before! Very cool!

  3. that was before it got replaced by a U2 song.

  4. I love how you live every song, especially when building your death star with a big diamond ring. I love all the songs!!